Arrington De Dionyso Quartet

Usa / Italy

The two Old Time Relijun members Arrington De Dionyso and Aaron Hartman join Jacopo Andreini (Bz Bz Ueu, L’Enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici) and Fabio Magistrali (A Short Apnea) for a instrumental avant-jazz improvised project.

18 Days Around Arrington De Dionyso Quartet

December, 2002
00 tracks
47 minutes

Director Andrea Caccia is a face well known to those who attend "other" music: not uncommon in his film to find soundtracks with Mogway and Gorge Trio. Having already appreciated his work I welcomed his proposal to document the 18 days of life of the quartet. The VHS is an exceptional document in terms of visual and narrative and aims on the evolution of human relationships - even before artistic - of the four main characters. Not the usual "making of", but an essential complement to The Album.

The Album

December, 2002
10 tracks
37 minutes

Goal: no one knew what would be exit from that recording studio, it was only clear to avoid the ‘already made’ or, worse, appear as inexpert musicians playing a unknow matter.
The only one meant that could have this operation was the crash between the four strong personalities, which could give the fruits hoped: the attempts of free-jazz by Arrington and Jacopo have been structured from the groove by Aaron ‘s contra and characterized from Fabio and his canterburian feeling.
All that is inside The Album.

But these are only words.