EAReNOW are Alberto Morelli, Paolo Cantù and Xabier Iriondo.

This project born for the recordings of the mCD Ffrr wallaceMailSeries#2 and it continues with the album Eclipse, released by Wallace Records, Phonometak Labs, Amirani and Chris Cutler’s Recommended.


April, 2009
14 tracks
43 minutes

Eclipse is a wind, opening and moving the pages of a book, hidden to our attention because too important, too inexorable. It’s a music that soon leaves its first aesthetical dimension to begin to dig up, as a drop, as a bedded narration,a choir. A same story we pass through, we listen as told in different places, with different shadings, from different sides. As if the possibility to come across a time, through scenes that freeze themselves in a sort of tableau vivant, animated by dense symbols. Great and overhelming, ritual and evocative, the Eclpise still retains the power of admonition, of calling to re-consider our single perspectives as parts of a pulsing complexity, we can’t properly describe.

EAReNOW delivers a perfected work where is easier to feel the harshness of lives moving there, like sharpnesses of a tide, darkened by a lunar Eclipse 
Eclipse is the each one’s other side. EAReNOW are Alberto Morelli, Paolo Cantù and Xabier Iriondo, with Rosa Corn, Stefano Stefani, Gianni Mimmo, Federico Cumar, Cristiano Calcagnile, Federico Sanesi, Roberto Mazza.


wallaceMailSeries 2
November, 2003
6 tracks
21 minutes

The game was the context where EAReNOW start. Sure there was maps in order to orient the way, but this is part of the game : define game rules and then break them off.
Constructive contrasts between acoustics and electronics, structures and improvisations, chances and controls.