Fluorescent Pigs


Fluorescent Pigs are Andrea Belfi and Alessandro "Asso" Stefana
Andrea Belfi: He started studying drums at the age of 14. Between 1998 and 2001 he lived in Milan where he attended Alberto Garutti’s contemporary art course, which helped him develop a wider understanding of art. Between 2000 and 2008 he featured in Rosolina Mar, an instrumental rock trio. Starting from 2002 Belfi has been developing a solo liveset, where he uses his drummer’s skills along with his long-time researches with electroacustic devices and synthezisers. He has so far released three solo albums. In 2002 he self-produced, under his own label Chocolateguns, his first solo record Ned n°2 , which received excellent reviews (The Wire, Bananafish). His second solo album Between Neck & Stomach was released in September 2006 by the swedish label Hapna. This album was well reviewed by magazines and net ’zines such as The Wire, Vital Weekly, Boomkat, All Music Guide. His last solo record Knots, recorded & produced by Giuseppe Ielasi, has been released by Die Schachtel. From 2004 Andrea collaborates with HomeMovies (an association which collects and re-assembles old family movies) by playing over their restored family films. Between 2006 and 2008, he conceived, with the visual contribution of Mirco Santi, his project Stillivingrooms. which could be described as an audio/visual event between a sound installations, a performance and a private screening of old family films. It has been presented at Netmage Festival in Bologna (January 2008), and at the Claudio Buziol Foundation in Venice (May 2008). From 2009 he has taken part in a number of different artist-in-residence programs, among which the ones at Harlem Studio in New York City (April 2009), Hotel Pupik in Scheifling-Austria (August 2009), Q-O2 Werkplaats in Brussels, Belgium (October 2009 and May 2011). In May 2011 he won the Movin’ Up prize which allowed him to develop his Tumble project in NY. In 2009 he has started a number of new collaborations with a wide range of artists. A trio with American musician and sound art teacher David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Bastro, Squirrel Bait) and Stefano Pilia (3/4hadbeeneliminated). A trio called Il Sogno del Marinaio together with Pilia and the electric bass legend Mike Watt (Minutement, Firehose, Iggy and the Stooges). A duo with the dutch musician Machinefabriek and a duo with german improviser Ignaz Schick. A duo named Tumble with electroacoustic composer and improviser Attila Faravelli. A band named Hobocombo meant as a tribute to the American percussionist and composer Moondog.
Alessandro "Asso" Stefana: Guitarist and composer Alessandro Stefana, better known as “Asso” (born Brescia, Italy 1981), was introduced to music by his father. In 1987 he began studying classical guitar and continued until 1998. Over the years he became curious and passionate about many other instruments, creating a personal world of sounds and visions that traverses atmospheres that are both dreamlike and vaguely Western, with constant references to both the rural blues and the psychedelic. His music is made still more evocative by his unique selection of instruments: steel and pedal steel guitar, kalimba, omnichord, vinyl loops, ukulele, balaphon, electric guitar, banjo and tape echoes. He collaborates stablily as poli-instrumentalist with Guano Padano, Vinicio Capossela, Mike Patton "Mondocane" e Marco Parente


Phonometak Series #8
Phonometak Series #8
Phonometak Series 8
10inch LP
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
4 tracks
27 minutes