Germanotta Youth

Roma, Italy

Germanotta Youth is a roman band that was born in July 2008 after a session of improvisation in which they mixed grindcore, breakcore, noise, metal and industrial. The project is composed by Massimo Pupillo (Zu) on electric bass, Fabio “Reeks” Recchia (Nohaybandatrio, Fire at Work) on synths and samplers, and Andrea Basili (Hastur) on drums.

Their adventure begins officially with Harvesting of Soul, published by Wallace Records (released in December 2010), and takes its first steps on stage in a European tour in february 2011 after some lucky Italian shows. 

Germanotta Youth

February, 2015
13 tracks
36 minutes

English upcoming

The Final Solution

February, 2012
4 tracks
15 minutes

While Zu are floating in a undefined Hiatus and the ex members of this wonderful band sometimes appear here and there, Massimo Pupillo gets involved in this Germanotta Youth affair. I’ve really enjoyed Germanotta’s debut cd but I think on this vinyl the band has given its best, infact here we go with four shots of pure electronic, grinding, neurotic mayhem. I think this time the maelstrom has been produced even better than before and the resulting magma has become even more refined so here you’re gonna have that speed freaks drumming, crappy electronics synths-samples-whatever and the dirty-fast and furious-mindblowing bass of Pupillo. This power trio has gone back to the metal-punk roots to come back with this heavy pounding, ass kicking 7in where you’re gonna meet this sort of hybrid that barely reminds of The Locust meets James Plotkin‘s Phantomsmasher but at the same time you can get one of them was involved in the rind and roll heroes Inferno. Four killer tracks for this new episode and I think the 7in format is really suitable for the Germanotta guys.
Andrea Ferraris, Chain DLK

The Harvesting of Souls

November, 2010
10 tracks
30 minutes

In the 80′s Madonna took over the world, and Ciccone Youth was born.

Now it’s the 10′s and it’s Lady Gaga‘s world hence Germanotta (Gaga’s real name) Youth are here!!! In between The Locust and Aphex Twin, Genghis Tron and Venetian Snare: Cybergrind meets Techno meets powerful and impossibly tight rhythms. They literally blend into this album a half hour set of sound suggestions that purists of nay music genre would consider profanity and blasphemy, and as we all know is an absolute value. We can say that the culture of the metal is dominant here, but the various sonic experiences of the protagonists emerge in every track and in disparate ways: sludge version of Fuck Buttons (Blackfriars Bridge), rave rockers (Honey bee depopulation syndrome) or evil brothers of Mouse on Mars (A closer look into the mind and soul of pope benedict XVI)