1996 to 2004
Catania, Italy

Playing together from spring '96 (named Youth Against Fascism), they immediatly works with Indigena Booking % Records.
In '97 are renamed as Jasminshock e recorded the demotape 3TRKS, first work with the sound engineer Pippo Barresi.
In November '98 Jasminshock records Passing Complexion, the first album.
This CD has been reviewed very well form magazines and radio, and had several nominations as best debut record for year 2000.
During 2002 tha band compose new songs, then in december they recorded the second album 2monkeys Fighting For a Banana always with Pippo Barresi, 5th member of the band.
2monkeys... has been released in april 2003.

2monkeys Fighting For a Banana

August, 2013
13 tracks
36 minutes

Jasminshock plays rock n’ roll.
A confirm is their second album (and greats live sets) which arrive three years after Passing Complexion.

Powerful and mathematics, always searching for no-wave melodies, thanks to the nervous and sexy lyrics by Flavia and electronics inserts by Saiwòr.
Their sound is an interesting mix between analogic and digital.

Passing Complexion

August, 2013
8 tracks
36 minutes

Antistatical and mechanical sound with two guitars, bass, drum and histerical female vocals.

More precise look would see pretty cutted structure with frenetical (Gang of Four/Albini) guitar sound, metalized bassand drum kit which sound varies from very acoustical to really mechanical (drum machine beat).
This is a record for active listeners,…