Miss Massive Snowflake

Portland, OR, Usa

The songwriter, guitarist, and creative director, Shane de Leon, started the band in 2004 as a family recording project while still in Portland art rock collective, Rollerball.

Miss Massive Snowflake’s three early eps and first full length, Queen’s Headache, were a mix of electronica, hip hop, and acoustic folk. In 2007 Jeanne Kennedy Crosby entered the band on bass and began moving the band towards a more rock based sound. After the sophomore album Songs about Music was released in 2010, Andy Brown (Jessamine, Fontanelle, Paint and Copter) began drumming for the band. Jacopo Andreini (L’Enfance Rouge, Squarcicatrici, Tsigoti) provides horns, percussion, and tour support.

Miss Massive Snowflake has played around the West Coast regularly and toured Europe three times.

So Sweet

June, 2014
8 tracks
25 minutes

On Miss Massive Snowflake’s fourth album, So Sweet, Shane de Leon weaves stories of heartbreak, loss of trust, family, and social media into eight songs that take us through an exploration of how love can sometimes walk a fine line of pain.
The album’s first single Hard To Know is an upbeat song showing that it’s not always easy to know where to go when you can’t quite figure out where you’re at.
So Sweet shows a moodier side of Miss Massive Snowflake and features the Nina Simone cover Turn Me On.

Miss Massive Snowflake is a charismatic and playful band based in Portland, OR who enjoys playing live and has performed over 400 shows in 8 countries. The band is currently on a two year nonstop tour going through the end of 2015. de Leon was a member of experimental rock band Rollerball for a decade and has collaborated with 31 Knots, Black Heart Procession, Solex, Steve McKay, and OVO.
With an emotive voice and compelling lyrics, de Leon is a storyteller at heart and is often compared to David Byrne, Bowie, Jonathon Richmond, and the Flaming Lips.

The band started as a solo recording project in 2004. Jeanne Kennedy Crosby joined on bass in 2007, and shortly after Andy Brown (Jessamine, Fontanelle) joined on drums.

Like a Book

January, 2011
10 tracks
33 minutes

Like A Book adds to Miss Massive Snowflake’s expanding library of curious and clever progressive pop songs. The charismatic and playful band experiment with orchestral jazz, candy pop, and free-spirited psychedelic rock to create a unique musical vernacular.

Miss Massive Snowflake marry traditional familiarities and edgy concepts with catchy energetic rock, and craft deceptively intricate songs. Like a Book blends angled radio hits, a jazz sensibililty, and boy band punk. With an emotive voice, compelling lyrics and sounding at times like a west coast Talking Heads, a Bowie, or a Hendrix, Shane de Leon sings short story song blasts over an adventurous mix, a sort of Flaming Lips / Minutemen mash up.

There is an inspiring fire that burns through Like a Book’s 10 tracks and 33 minutes.
The drums and bass drive while horns punch into screwed groove guitar riffs producing beautiful, moving, and intellectually satisfying rock music.

Songs about Music

March, 2010
CD / 12inch LP
10 tracks
40 minutes

This is Miss Massive Snowflake’s second full-length album following the 2008 electronic based, Queen’s Headache.

After two solo European and Stateside tours, where De Leon charmed audiences with multimedia theatrics armed with a laptop, projector, and acoustic guitar, he assembled a group featuring Bill Horist (Master Musicians of Bukake), Zacery Stanley (Dramady), and Jeanne Kennedy Crosby.

Songs About Music was recorded by Gilles (Rollerball, The Pink Widower) and the sound is clean, full bodied, and sweet.
Miss Massive Snowflake makes music that is at once playful and overtly political with most tracks clocking in under 3 minutes.
A tasty Flaming Lips/Bowie rock concotion mixed with Minutemen/Beck song structure blasts, and Marc Ribot angularity cooked down with Funkadelic’s civil disobedience.

Phonometak Series #6

Phonometak Series 6
April, 2009
10inch LP
6 tracks
26 minutes

Gianni Gebbia Sicilian saxophonist and improviser, from the mid 80′s Gianni is working in improvised music and avant-garde jazz scene in Europe. In 1990 he won the prize for the Top Jazz talent in the magazine Musica Jazz. Gianni Gebbia has participated in numerous festivals including: Bolzano, Clusone, Bucharest, Berlin Total Music Meeting, Taormina, Wuppertal, Paris, London, Marseille, Mulhouse… and collaborated with tons of artist like Evan Parker,Fred Frith, Otomo Yoshihide, William Hooker, Lee Ranaldo, Jim O’ Rourke, Italian Instabile Orchestra, Roy Paci, Francesco Cusa, Lukas Ligeti, Weasel Walter, Wu Ming 1.

Miss Massive Snowflake: The man behind this monicker is Shane De Leon, former trumpet player and vocalist in Rollerball. In the band Miss Massive Snowflake he his at the head of a handful of fellow playing music between songs and rock, hip-hop, country and more, always pushed by a psychedelic soul.