Plasma Expander

Cagliari, Italy

Plasma Expander was born in Cagliari in 2005 when Fabio Cerina’s guitar, back from Milan and on the way to close the decennial experience with Bron y Aur, meets the Andrea Siddu’s drum.

After a series of lineup changes (with Stefano Podda, Luca Muntoni and Marcello Pisanu taking turns on baritone guitar), two records and hundreds of concerts in Italy and Europe, the band finds a new equilibrium with the arrival of Corrado Loi on bass, synths and samples.

With this new line-up the band records the material for the the new release and performs a series of live shows in the US and Europe with Man Forever, the solo project of Kid Millions from Oneida.

Otra Vez

April, 2014
8 tracks
50 minutes

A composition which also represents a creative workshop as it will be the subject of the next release of Plasma Expander: a remix album whereBarry London (Oneida), ZA!Simon BalestrazziLuca Ciffo (Fuzz Orchestra), Mattia ColettiClaudio PRC and Hubble. will share with you their own re-interpretation of Otra Vez.



March, 2014
5 tracks
29 minutes

One year has passed from the publication of Cube and Plasma Expander come back with an EP, sons of the same expressive urgency that generated their previous work.

The first record  is called Live3 and its stated goal is to release the energy of their live concerts, which is the dimension they prefer.
Despite recorded in the studio, the compositions of Live3 have been played live, "good first take" and without the slightest overdubbing. The first 4 compositions are already present in previous albums (Cube and Kimidanzeigen) but here they are played in their live versions which is often completely different from the the original (as is the case for Beacon and Exploder) or otherwise characterized by the presence of new tools and new arrangements (as is the case for Hands In Your Guts and Why Not).

But Plasma Expander also provides something completely new: Otra Vez, which closes the album, is a 4-minutes-4 unreleased track that captures and condensates the kinetics , hypnotic and "motorik" feel of the newest Plasma Expander.


March, 2013
12inch LP
4 tracks
37 minutes

Emerging from a successful tour that took them along the US East Coast, Plasma Expander are back with a brand new killer album. Cube – out on 9 march 2013 for a joint ventures of independent labels – is a complete and mature work that perfectly conveys the power of a band that finds its best expression in live performances where all the tracks gets crushed and transfigured by wild improvisations.

In Cube the music continues to balance structure and improvisation, noise and groove. But nowadays the new Plasma Expander’s sound is more repetitive, psychedelic and minimal than the past, when more fragmented and kinetic atmospheres used to characterized the band’s sound.

Mixed and enhanced by the skillful hands of Simon Balestrazzi (T.A.C.), pivotal figure on the Italian experimental scene, Cube springs up after three years have passed from their last studio recording: Kimidanzeigen, which fully confirmed the qualities the band displayed with their first album, the homonymous Plasma Expander, dated 2007.

Heavy-psych? Free-rock? Noise-Techno? Plasma Expander escapes any attempt of academic classification and, with Cube, reaches the zenith of unexpectedness.


December, 2009
CD / 12inch LP + CD
8 tracks
42 minutes

Almost three years have passed since the first self-titled album Plasma Expander out in 2007, but in the meantime the band has not remained steady. Since then, there have been changes in line-up, tours, numerous concerts and a constant evolution of the band’s peculiar sound that moved from the destructured post-rock of the beginnings to a more personal and precise aesthetic.

Plasma Expander now seems to live in opposites, in a really deadly oxymoron: groove and noise, improvisation and structure, rock ‘n roll and experimentation, mathematics and its transfiguration. A band that has managed to cross the boundaries of musical styles and tries to write its own new grammar, where whatever is left of classic rock has to cope with an extreme and personal sound research.

Kimidanzeigen seven tracks are Plasma Expander at their highest temperature. The perfect picture of how the band can transduce the impact and the energy of live performances into a sharp studio recording. On this new record it’s easy to hear many years of steaming live concerts along with a crystal clear album sensibility, constantly looking for different solutions.

Plasma Expander love to challenge the listener while establishing a pact with him. What you hear has nothing to do with common sense but is music for the body played with hands, stomachs and brains, with a great sense of freedom and fun.

Plasma Expander

January, 2007
7 tracks
36 minutes

Featuring members of Bron y Aur and The Cue Lie, Plasma Expander were formed in 2004 in Cagliari.

No goal was planned but to play freely and spontaneously across drums and guitars instinctive sections, merely patterned either on a mood or a slight outline. Totally unwitting and disinterested about the outcoming material identity, the band found itself moving from kraut territories to untied blues splinters.

Some might call it free rock’n'roll.