Claudio Rocchetti


Taking plaintive tones of drone music and early electronic and tape experiments, 3/4HadBeenEliminated former member Claudio Rocchetti has absolutely defined a sound, building a subtle, majestic landscape.
Using awide variety of instruments (synth, tone generators, organs, guitar, tape machines) he creates an absorbing sound that is mainly layers of loopsfading in and over each other, ethereal vocals, repetition, melody, noise.
An emotional resonance with a tinge of melancholia that permeates every moment and creates a sense of longing and nostalgia.

The Carpenter

January, 2010
8 tracks
34 minutes

The work of Claudio Rocchetti is a deep plunge into thick sound.
Using a variety of devices such as turntables, tapes, samplers, radios and microphones, the Berlin-based deejay builds compelling structures where to play with sound as matter.

The Carpenter is a layered landscape made of techno rhythms and slow melodies at the same time, going through edgy constructions and samples of choirs and strings.
Featuring guest appearances by Beatrice Martini, Jukka Reverberi, Margareth Kammerer and Stefano Pilia.

Ovo/Claudio Rocchetti

April, 2009
3 tracks
8 minutes

Split between two artists who play more often abroad than in Italy.

The dark mist of guitar scrape and crunching drums of Ovo meet the cinematic musical landscapes of the deconstructivist deejay Claudio Rocchetti (3/4hadbeeneliminated, Olyvetty). Two songs by the duo composed by Stefania Pedretti (Alos, Allun) and Bruno Dorella (Ronin, Wolfango) recorded with Jason La Farge at Seizures Palace in Brooklyn during the Crocevia (Load Records, 2008) recording session and one track of old records and dusty analogue instruments sounds by Claudio Rocchetti, anticipating his forthcoming LP.

I could go on Singing

wallaceMailSeries 7
April, 2005
2 tracks
16 minutes

After experiencing the straight-edge hardcore scene, Claudio Rocchetti began exploring the many realms of noise. Claudio played his ‘destructive’ djing within the group/label/collective Sonic Belligeranza.

Rocchetti is now working on the composition of cinematic musical landscapes with the aid of old rare records, dusty analogue instruments as source material (old radios, customized turntables, grammophones…).

Po Box 52.5

P.O. Box 52 Series 5
May, 2003
25 tracks
58 minutes