Bologna, Italy

Dune were formed in 2006 as a duo guitar and drums, and over the years have added bassist and singer, now 4 people are scattered between Barcelona, Toronto and Bologna, with members and former members of the Laghetto, Marnero, Summer League, Revolution Summer e Grindine.
The sound path of the group is an intersection between postcore, psychedelic and electronic infiltration, touching areas of post-rock and space rock, while maintaining a minimal structure.
The glacial guitar structures are in contrast to scorching lines of voice and create something very similar to a severe temperature change.


March, 2011
10inch LP
8 tracks
22 minutes

Marmo is the latest work of sound terrorists Dune, from Bologna.

Seven tracks that take you to hell noisecore, with links to Breach and Neurosis, through the revival of Astronomy Domine by Pink Folyd.

Tommaso Garavini with his artwork wraps perfectly this 10″